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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the latest version of IT Inventory?
The latest version is 1.3, you can find out what version you have by clicking on the About button within the program.
Using IT Inventory
How does the "Software Installed on this Computer" section work?
Firstly you need to have created records in your inventory for all of your software titles and you must have selected "Software" for the category. The "Software Installed on this Computer" section should only be completed for your computers so you need to have created a record in your Inventory for a computer and selected "Computer" for the category. By clicking on the down arrow on the field below "Software Installed on this Computer" you can now select the first Software title that is installed on this computer, to select a 2nd title click on the down arrow on the next box down and select the 2nd software title, continue this process scrolling down when required.
When I have finished editing an item and I click Finished nothing happens, what should I do?
This is because you have typed the name of a software title in the "Software Installed on this Computer" section instead of selecting one from the list. The first thing to do is click on another area of the screen and a message will appear, click on 'Revert'. The Finished button will now work. Please see Question 5 above for further information.
When I run the 'Print List of Computers and Software Installed on them' report the software titles (at the top) or the Software Licences do not appear.
This is becuase the first or last computer in your list does not have any software installed on it. To get around this problem please sort your computers in a different order so that the first and last computers have software installed on them. Alternatively you can add a piece of software to the computer that doesn't have any. We don't feel this problem will arise for many customers (if any) however if it does please contact us.