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Bespoke Solutions
In addition to the products listed in the 'Products' section Bransoft can also develop bespoke solutions for our customers. In Bransoft's case 'Bespoke' does NOT mean expensive, nor do you have to wait long for a solution to be developed. By using unique development methods we have available to us solutions can be developed very quickly making them very cost effective for you.
We have already developed a number of bespoke solutions for our customers including:
Pupil Report Writer
This was a relatively large product designed for teachers to record information for each pupil which was then printed out in the form of a Pupil Report to be sent home to parents. This school produced a report each term for all years from year 1 to year 6. From the first meeting this bespoke solution went live in under 6 weeks from our initial meeting. This solution was designed using Technology B (see below for further information)
Incident Log
This was a small product designed for a special school to record incidents of poor behaviour from pupils. The behaviour co-ordinator recorded the details of the incident within the system for the head to acknowledge, once acknowledged by the head the behaviour co-ordinator sent the details to the LA. This solution was developed within 1 week and cost just £49. This solution was designed using Technology A (see below for further information)
At Bransoft we are able to develop products using 1 of 2 different technologies, each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses. When developing bespoke solutions we discuss with the customer which technology suits their requirements best.
  Technology A
This technology involves the development of a self contained application similar to most other software. When technology A is used the finished application can be installed on your school server and accessed by any computer (Windows 2000, XP & Vista) on your network. However to enable safe storage of your data only one computer on your network can run the application at any one time. Applications are generally quicker to develop using this technology which generally makes them cheaper to develop. There are no ongoing costs for this solution unless you require further development modifications to your application.
  Technology B
Technology B is ideal should you need more than one user to access your database at any one time as this technology can handle up to 100 concurrent users. Technology B uses the internet to access the database, this means your database can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection yet remains secure with encrypted password protection. Being internet based this technology has some restrictions on functionality however this can be solved by purchasing a client application for some of your computers, by using the client software instead of web based access you can regain full functionality. This technology often takes a little longer to develop and also requires annual charges to cover the hosting of the database.
  Client Application: £119 + VAT (Single User)
    £446 + VAT (5 User)
  Annual Hosting Charges: £256 + VAT (+ £50 initial setup charge)
Should you be interested in a bespoke solution please contact us to discuss your individual requirements or for a free no obligation quote.