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Letter Manager
By using Letter Manager we believe the process of writing letters will be easier and quicker for school admin staff and senior management saving both time and money.
Letter Manager can store all the names and addresses of all the people within school, including, Pupils, Staff and Governors. These can be imported to save time. This information can be made available to certain people within school using your school network.
When you want to send a letter out to a group of people Letter Manager can quickly and easily create a personalised letter to each recipient in three simple steps:
Use our simple search facility to find the people you want to send the letter to (eg all staff, all pupils or pupils in a certain class).
Write your letter within Letter Manager.
Click Print and the system will print a personalised letter to each person.
In addition, Letter Manager...
can be used to write a letter to a single person.
keeps a record of all the letters you send to each person for your records, previous letters can be re-printed when required.
When printing your letters you can choose to print them on your own letter headed paper, or alternatively you can add your school logo and school details to Letter Manager so these are printed on your letter.
Letter Manager can be purchased for just £49 + VAT

To see a screen shot of Letter Manager click on the icon to the right.
Please click on the icon to the right to see our full Terms and Conditions (Accepable Use) for Letter Manager, requires Acrobat Reader.
Terms & Conditions
We plan to continually develop all our products including Letter Manager, we welcome all feedback and will consider all requests for a later release of the product.