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IT Violations
With IT equipment being a valuable resource it is important it is well looked after, IT Violations is a simple database designed to record details of any IT related incidents that occur in school.
The following information can be recorded:
The Date, Time and Location of the incident.
The name of the offender and for pupils their class.
The category of the incident and further information including what action was taken.
IT Violations allows you to:
Store three different letters within the system, for example one letter can be a letter home to parent/guardian, a second could be a letter to the headteacher and you have a third for any other letters you may want to write. For each incident you can then print off any of the three letters that have been written.
Summarise incidents in the form of a report for monitoring purposes.
When printing your letters you can choose to print them on your own letter headed paper, or alternatively you can add your school logo and school details to IT Violations so these are printed on your letter.
IT Violations can be purchased for just £49 + VAT

To see a screen shot of IT Violations, click on the icon to the right.
Please click on the icon to the right to see our full Terms and Conditions (Accepable Use) for IT Violations, requires Acrobat Reader.
Terms & Conditions
We plan to continually develop all our products including IT Violations, we welcome all feedback and will consider all requests for a later release of the product.