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IT Inventory
IT Inventory is designed to help ICT co-ordinators manage their IT resources by maintaining a database of all their computers, software & peripherals etc.
A wide range of data can be collected including:
Purchase information including: date, cost, supplier and warranty.
Details of item including: manufacturer, model number and serial number.
Current location of equipment.
Details of where to get support for each item.
For computers you can record the full specification and what software is installed on them to help track licences.
For software you can record the number of licences you have purchased to help stay legal.
Location and network type for all your network points.
Time saving features include:
Cloning records.
Software automatically added or removed from a list of computers.
Hyperlinks to suppliers websites and email addresses.
Reports include:
List of items grouped by current location.
List of computers showing their specification for comparison.
Software list showing number of licences and number of installations.
Software installation details by computer and by software title.
List items showing when the warranty is about to expire.
Developing ICT capability in school is all about sustainability. Any school applying for ICT Mark will find this tool invaluable in saving time, distributing workload and sharing knowledge that is all too often locked in the ICT co-ordinator's head!
IT Inventory can be purchased for just £99 + VAT

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Terms & Conditions
We plan to continually develop all our products including IT Inventory, we welcome all feedback and will consider all requests for a later release of the product.