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IT Budget
IT Budget is a simple tool for ICT co-ordinators to enable them to understand where their hard-pressed budget is being spent.
Features include:
Record income from Standards Fund, eLC, School Budget along with any other sources.
Record your estimated expenditure against key areas of the ICT Budget along with leases and any other purchases.
As you make purchases you can record the actual expenditure, IT Budget calculates how much money you have left in your budget.
IT Budget allows you to:
Plan next years budget based on expenditure this year.
See where costs are increasing beyond budget.
Identify areas where you may be able to save money.
Prove sound financial management for ICT Mark assessment.
IT Budget can be purchased for just £59 + VAT

To see a screen shot of IT Budget, click on the icon to the right.
Please click on the icon to the right to see our full Terms and Conditions (Accepable Use) for IT Budget, requires Acrobat Reader.
Terms & Conditions
We plan to continually develop all our products including IT Budget, we welcome all feedback and will consider all requests for a later release of the product.