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Incident Log
Incident Log has been designed by Longford Park School in Trafford to record pupil incidents. Being a special school with a mixture of pupils with SEBD and MLD Longford Park worked closely with Bransoft to develop Incident Log. Incident Log is used to record details of any pupil related incidents that happen in school and records the following information:
Pupil Name, Class and Year Group.
Date, Time and Location of the Incident.
The scale of the incident along with handling strategies used by staff.
Staff members present.
Full details of the incident along with details of the outcome and exclusion.
By having this information collected in a database means a variety of reports can be run to analyse patterns in the incidents that occur, reports include:
Summary of found records by day of the week.
Summary of found records by time (before school, morning, afternoon & after school).
Summary of found records by scale (1, 2 or 3).
Incident Log also allows you to analyse patterns emerging for each child and to then look closely at providing additional support where required.
Additional features include:
Two levels of password protection, one for Behaviour Co-ordinator and one for the Headteacher.
Authorisation process to ensure the head is aware and can acknowledge each incident.
The ability to export details of the Incident to Excel in order to send to the authority.
Incident log has already proved itself to be very popular and has transformed the way schools record details of pupil incidents.
Incident Log can be purchased for just £59 + VAT

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We plan to continually develop all our products including Incident Log, we welcome all feedback and will consider all requests for a later release of the product.